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Need content that helps your audience "get it"? 

SaaS products can be transformative: they can save hours of time, solve enormous problems, and drive efficiencies that have a genuine impact on the bottom line. 

But some SaaS products are tricky to understand. No matter how feature-led information you provide, some users may still scratch their heads wondering what it is your product does and why they need to know about it.

That's where great content comes in. With the right story, a clear explanation and the careful leveraging of expertise, content can be an extremely powerful way of delivering that all-important "a-ha!" moment for your audience. 

Here's how I do that for my clients.


Blog, article and guide writing

I write crystal-clear blog, article and guide content that untangles the tricky topics you need your audience to understand. 

If you have keywords, I'll optimise the piece for SEO while prioritising clarity, sense and narrative flow. 

Whatever the topic, I can make it make sense for
your audience.

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thought leadership copy_2x.png

Thought leadership content

I interview executives and subject matter experts to craft original and insightful content that shows off their expertise. 

Whether it's an executive's LinkedIn article or a company's research report, this stuff should never be boring. The thought leadership content I write tells a great story while sharing insight that packs a punch.

I'm here to take the 'ugh' out of thought leadership!

Case studies and success stories

Whether your customers are individuals or big businesses, nothing brings a product to life like a great case study or success story. 

I interview customers to find out how your product has helped them achieve a goal, solve a problem, or make an improvement to their workflow. 
If your audience didn't "get" your product before, they will after reading a powerful case study.

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eagle eyed editing copy_2x.png

Eagle-eyed editing

Got some published content or a draft that needs some TLC? As a former Managing Editor, I can polish it up a treat and make it sparkle with the same clarity as the content I write. 

I'll look at structure, tone and sense, as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation. I can also edit for keyword optimisation and provide detailed editorial feedback.

Have something different in mind?

Over the years, I've worked on countless content and copywriting projects in the SaaS space, from writing video scripts to managing product support content.

I also enjoy working with companies in other industries and have clients in areas like staffing, veterinary healthcare and service-based small businesses. 

Whatever industry you're in, if carefully-crafted content and copy could support your goals, I'd love to help you.  

"Jess has helped us write top-notch copy for our sales page, online course scripts, blog posts and email campaigns."
Enguerran Loos, CEO at CaseCoach

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